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When To Pay Off Debt And When To Invest

One of the most common questions we get from our clients who are incorporated professionals and have corporate investment accounts is when to invest their corporate earnings and when to pay off personal debt. For every dollar that you earn that is not allocated to your essential expenses, you have the choice on how to allocate that money. You can pay off your debt or invest it. Which option will you choose to ensure you get the most of every…

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Structure Your Debt So You Can Win

When used correctly, debt can be an effective financial planning tool to help reduce taxes and beat the banks. On this podcast, we tackle some of the burning questions business owners have on how to structure their debt effectively. How should I manage debt when COVID-19 subsides? We don’t know when this is going to end, so our advice is not to wait and make the most of Government benefits available to you right now. These programs are designed to…

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When is a good time to leverage?

Date: 26 March Often clients approach us wanting to leverage – a process that involves borrowing funds to invest in the market. When stock prices and valuations are high, as they have been in recent years, we are cautious about recommending leverage as a financial strategy. The reality is now significantly different. The market is currently in decline, TSX and S&P stock markets have both plummeted over 30% from their 2020 high and assets are on sale. We cannot be…

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Debt Restructuring – Is It Right For You?

One of the most common topics we’re asked about from business owners, incorporated professionals, and entrepreneurs is debt restructuring. More specifically, how should an entrepreneur structure their debt in the most effective way and for the lowest cost? A lot of entrepreneurs focus on getting the lowest interest rate on their loans, but the lowest interest rate doesn’t always result in the lowest cost of having that debt over the long-term.  If you look at a fixed-rate mortgage, for example,…

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