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What is Passive Income Tax and Are You Paying Too Much?

In 2019, Canada’s revised corporate passive income tax rules were put into place. Since then, business owners are finding themselves increasingly frustrated with the confusing and convoluted nature of these rules. Unfortunately, this also means many business owners we meet are not investing properly and are paying way too much tax. At the same time, they’re also unclear on which investments are best to hold inside their corp. If that’s you, you are in the right place. Today, we’ve compiled…

What is Passive Income Tax and Are You Paying Too Much?

Take Advantage of Your Corporate Structure

We often come across business owners, incorporated professionals and entrepreneurs who decide to get incorporated but don’t take full advantage of their corporate structure. They might be running a successful and growing business but if they structured their corporation right, they could be much further ahead. One of the things we highly recommend doing to stop giving away your hard-earned dollars to CRA is to leave as much money as you can inside your corporation. Don’t take out money to…

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5 Ways To Use Your Corporation To Invest And Save Taxes

Many business owners and incorporated professionals don’t properly utilize their corporations when it comes to current, future, and end-of-life investment and tax-saving opportunities. If you own a corporation and want to maximize your investments and save on taxes today, during retirement, and at death, here are five ways you can use your corporation to invest and save taxes: 1. Pay yourself a dividend Make sure you pay yourself a dividend and not a salary. Paying yourself a dividend will save…

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Growing An Investment Portfolio Inside Of Your Corporation

If you’ve built a successful and profitable business, congratulations! As you accumulate profits inside of your business, you’re probably asking yourself how you can best utilize that money.  Instead of letting your money sit in your corporation, it’s time to invest and grow that money like any other investment. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common strategies for growing your investment portfolio inside your corporation. Use A Holding Company For Your Investments  We highly encourage you to…

Growing Your Investment Portfolio | Ocean 6 Wealth Advisory

Maximizing Your Investment Portfolio

Investment returns, management fees, and efficient taxation are all important when it comes to the big picture on where to invest your money. If you’re confident your dollars are working for you in the right places, you have more time to focus on your goals. In this week’s podcast, we cover how to best structure your investment accounts and get the most out of your money. How do we manage our investments during a pandemic, is there such a thing…

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How To Structure Your Investment Portfolio

One of the things we’ve observed among many business owners and incorporated individuals is that they measure the success of their investment portfolios strictly by its rate of return, without considering the bigger picture. When it comes to your investment strategy, tax plays a major role in your net rate of return of your overall investment portfolio. And if your portfolio isn’t structured effectively, you can end up paying significantly more tax. This is why the rate of return on…

What to do when the market declines

Date posted: 13 March If you’ve been following recent headlines, you’ll likely know that markets are experiencing a significant correction. Corrections happen when the market sees a decline of 10% or greater. While there is no question that volatility can be unsettling, it is normal. To offer peace of mind here’s some information to help answer your questions. Has this happened before? Yes, market corrections are part of the natural cycle of the stock market. To illustrate this, the graph…

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Why You Should Avoid A Retirement Savings Plan

One of the things we often see with incorporated professionals and entrepreneurs is that they’re utilizing their RSP (Retirement Savings Plan) as their number one vehicle for retirement savings. For most entrepreneurs, this isn’t the most tax-efficient way to save for retirement. With an RSP, what you’re essentially doing is going into business with the government, and you have no idea how much of your business they are going to take on the back end. An RSP is a vehicle…

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