group of financial advisors discussing financial plan with client
October 18, 2022 

Sebastien Nault

“As an entrepreneur, I wanted to make sure I found an advisor that understood business finances and was also able to look at the whole picture and recommend the best...
Financial advisor talking to client sitting at a computer
March 2, 2022 

Mike Lai

“Jacky did an amazing job making our financial future certain by helping us organize our goals and tailoring the plan to our current situation and vision. He is and will...
Financial advisor meeting with client for financial planning
June 8, 2021 

Anry Wang

“Great experience at their information session, a lot of new ideas and suggestions for self-employed people like me. Highly recommend.”
Financial advisor presenting during a webinar
June 8, 2021 

Juliana Koo

“Just had the pleasure of attending an Ocean 6 webinar. It is abundantly obvious to me that this organization is filled to the brim with financial knowledge and will have...
Financial advisors looking at laptop to discuss financial plan with clients
June 8, 2021 

Alexander Lin

“Jay and his team deliver so much value in their webinar. The amount of value they give before you start working with them is tremendous! Thank you, Ocean 6 team.”
Financial advisor presenting to a group of clients with a graph on the screen
March 13, 2021 

Michelle Ng

“We’d highly recommend Ocean 6 to other successful entrepreneurs interested in making the most of their financial situation. Jay is a creative out-of-the-box thinker and has a wealth of knowledge...
Ocean 6 Financial Advisors strategizing together
March 5, 2021 

Patrick Zuccaro

“The knowledge and support we have received has been eye-opening. These financial strategies will pay off for years to come.”
Financial advisor meets with client for financial planning
March 5, 2021 

Justine & Melanie Levenberg

“Having their support to strategize the best options for both our company and our personal finances has been instrumental to our success. I highly recommend it if you are looking...
Financial advisors talking and walking down the street
February 10, 2021 

Tim Higham

“My wife and I have peace of mind about our financial future that we never had before. I can see the cost is a drop in the bucket compared to...