Advisor headshot thumbnail - corporate-owned life insurance: the benefits for business owners
June 6, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance: The Benefits for Business Owners

Life insurance is not only beneficial when you pass away. It can be a valuable financial planning tool for when you’re alive. As a business owner, your life insurance can...
Advisor headshot - 4 benefits of incorporating a business
April 25, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

4 Benefits of Incorporating a Business

Incorporating your business opens up many options for innovative financial planning that are otherwise not available if you were a sole proprietor, someone who is self-employed and not incorporated. A...
Advisor headshot holding company in canada
March 14, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

Holding Company in Canada: Is It Worth Setting One Up?

Adding a holding company to the corporate structure is a popular strategy for large businesses, but smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can also benefit from having a holding company. Let’s take...
Advisor headshot financial planning for business owners
November 9, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Financial Planning for Business Owners: How it Leads to Your Success

Financial planning is beneficial for anyone and everyone. But when it comes to financial planning for business owners, those benefits grow exponentially. Considering the complexities of incorporated individuals’ finances, having...
Advisor headshot estate planning tips
October 27, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

6 Estate Planning Tips to Help Your Family After You Pass Away

For most of us, the biggest tax bill we will ever pay in our lives is at death. Unfortunately, planning how to reduce that bill right before that inevitable day...
Signs It's Time to Incorporate Your Business Thumbnail
September 14, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Signs It’s Time to Incorporate Your Business

As financial planners who specialize in working with business owners and incorporated professionals, we get a lot of the same questions that come up. Among these common questions are “When...
What Do You Get When You Pay Financial Advisor Fees?
July 12, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

What Do You Get When You Pay Financial Advisor Fees?

We discuss how to determine the value in paying advisor fees and investment fees and making sure you are getting what you pay for.
How Business Owners Can Reduce Interest on their Mortgage
May 10, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

How Business Owners Can Reduce Interest on their Mortgage

We share a helpful strategy for business owners to reduce interest on mortgage payments along with their overall cost of borrowing.
How To Qualify For a Mortgage As A Business Owner
April 12, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Paying Yourself a Salary to Qualify for a Mortgage? Why You Should Stick to Dividends

Hey, business owners: Do you pay yourself a higher salary than you need simply to qualify for a mortgage? A common misconception is you need to pay yourself a higher...