Advisor headshot thumbnail - choosing the right financial advisor for you
May 24, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor for You

The financial industry in Canada is confusing. It’s challenging to find the right financial advisor and with so much information and access to technology, the options are endless. In this...
Advisor headshot - 3 things you wish you knew about wills and estate plans
April 11, 2022 
Jacky Ip

3 Things You Wish You Knew About Wills and Estate Plans

Misconceptions about wills and estate plans are common and can be the reason Canadians often hold back from having one in place. In this blog, we will clear up these...
Blog thumbnail of financial advisor's head shot - 3 ways to maximize the return on investment property
February 14, 2022 
Jacky Ip

3 Ways to Maximize the Returns on Your Investment Property

Most successful business owners we work with want to have an investment property in their portfolio, especially when Canada’s real estate market is so hot right now.  But without a...
The Best Way to Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty
January 31, 2022 
Jacky Ip

The Best Way to Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty

Almost every client we work with circles back to the same question: “How can I spend money without feeling guilty about it?” We know how hard you work for your...
Why Hire a Financial Planner? For More Time to do the Things You Love!
December 13, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Free Up Your Time to do the Things You Love by Teaming Up with a Financial Planner

Why hire a financial planner? At first thought, your answer might be “to help me plan my finances.”. While that’s certainly an important part of what a financial planner can...
August 16, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Why Owing Income Tax Can Be a Good Thing

When it comes to owing income tax, your first thought might not be a positive one. But what if we told you owing income tax can actually be a good...
How to Talk to Your Spouse About Your Financial Future
June 14, 2021 
Jacky Ip

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Your Financial Future

Whenever working with a couple, there tends to be one person who knows more about the family’s finances than the other. Often, one spouse is eager to get the other...
Cash Flow Plan
April 26, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Why You Should Scrap Your Budget For An Effective Cash Flow Plan

It is forgivable if you see a cash flow plan and a budget as the same. But an effective cash flow plan is one of the most valuable tools a...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail
April 6, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Defining Your Financial Goals Beyond “Make More Money”

Are you making money for the sake of making more money? A lot of our clients started their businesses because they wanted financial freedom. They didn’t want to work for...