Debt Restructuring – Is It Right For You?

One of the most common topics we’re asked about from business owners, incorporated professionals, and entrepreneurs is debt restructuring. More specifically, how should an entrepreneur structure their debt in the most effective way and for the lowest cost? A lot of entrepreneurs focus on getting the lowest interest rate on their loans, but the lowest interest rate doesn’t always result in the lowest cost of having that debt over the long-term.  If you look at a fixed-rate mortgage, for example,…

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Why You Should Keep Your Money In Your Corporation

One of the things we see a lot when working with successful business owners, incorporated professionals, and entrepreneurs is that these individuals decide to get incorporated but they don’t take full advantage of their corporate structure. What we highly recommend is that, as a business owner, you leave as much money in your corporation as you can. Don’t take out money to pay down your mortgage, and don’t take out money that you don’t need to spend.  Leave as much…

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Cash Flow Management For Business Owners

One of the things we’ve noticed among business owners, incorporated professionals, and entrepreneurs is that they often don’t know where the cash flow in their business is going. But just because this scenario is common doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable.  Imagine that you are the Chief Financial Officer of your financial situation, and we come to you and ask you how much money you spent last year and where it all went. Would you know exactly where that money was…

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Why We Transitioned To A Client-Focused Financial Planning Model

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have completed a full transition to our Ocean 6 brand (formerly J.R. Financial). Along with this transition to a new brand comes a significant change in our business model as financial advisors.  The financial planning industry in Canada is traditionally a product-driven and commission-based environment. Essentially, every financial planning firm has partnerships with specific insurance and investment product providers, and those partnerships create limitations in what these financial advisors can offer to their…

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