Blog thumbnail advisor headshot - why you need a financial planner as a business owner
September 19, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Why You Need a Financial Planner as a Business Owner

Financial planning is beneficial for everyone, but for business owners, the benefits grow drastically. Since your financial situation is much more complex, you can’t find the answers to your questions...
Blog thumbnail advisor head shot diving into the first blueprint meeting a cash flow plan
July 4, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Diving into the First Blueprint Meeting: A Cash Flow Plan

As a successful business owner, having a personalized cash flow plan allows you to spend money on things that bring you joy freely. There won’t be any guilt about spending...
Financial advisor headshot - 5 financial mistakes business owners make
February 28, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

5 Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make

Too many business owners are making financial mistakes that are easy to fix. These common mistakes end up costing them thousands of dollars in the long run when they could’ve...
The Best Way to Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty
January 31, 2022 
Jacky Ip

The Best Way to Spend Money Without Feeling Guilty

Almost every client we work with circles back to the same question: “How can I spend money without feeling guilty about it?” We know how hard you work for your...
Cash Flow Management Tips Business Owners Can't Afford to Miss
June 28, 2021 
Jay Gangnes

Cash Flow Management Tips Business Owners Can’t Afford to Miss

Something we’ve noticed among business owners is they can never be sure exactly where the money they earned is going. The difference between someone who is successful and someone who...
Cash Flow Plan
April 26, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Why You Should Scrap Your Budget For An Effective Cash Flow Plan

It is forgivable if you see a cash flow plan and a budget as the same. But an effective cash flow plan is one of the most valuable tools a...
How To Qualify For a Mortgage As A Business Owner
April 12, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Paying Yourself a Salary to Qualify for a Mortgage? Why You Should Stick to Dividends

Hey, business owners: Do you pay yourself a higher salary than you need simply to qualify for a mortgage? A common misconception is you need to pay yourself a higher...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail
March 2, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

How to Save Money as a Business Owner

Are you earning a lot, but you have nothing to show for it? One of the most common things we hear from business owners is that they’re making money but...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail
September 14, 2020 
Jacky Ip

How To Decide How Much Money To Take Out Of Your Corporation

As a business owner or incorporated professional, learning how to efficiently manage your cash flow is an important stepping stone to getting clarity in your finances. An unclear cash flow strategy...