Advisor headshot - the capital dividend account explained for Canadian business owners
June 20, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

The Capital Dividend Account Explained for Canadian Business Owners

The Capital Dividend Account is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can use, but very few are using it.  This secret notional account could save you millions...
Advisor headshot thumbnail - choosing the right financial advisor for you
May 24, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor for You

The financial industry in Canada is confusing. It’s challenging to find the right financial advisor and with so much information and access to technology, the options are endless. In this...
Advisor headshot for how to manage finances in your relationship
May 9, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

How to Manage Finances in Your Relationship

Is money something you avoid talking about in your relationship? Open and honest communication is an essential part of every relationship, especially when managing finances in your relationship.  Money is...
Advisor headshot - 4 benefits of incorporating a business
April 25, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

4 Benefits of Incorporating a Business

Incorporating your business opens up many options for innovative financial planning that are otherwise not available if you were a sole proprietor, someone who is self-employed and not incorporated. A...
Advisor headshot holding company in canada
March 14, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

Holding Company in Canada: Is It Worth Setting One Up?

Adding a holding company to the corporate structure is a popular strategy for large businesses, but smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can also benefit from having a holding company. Let’s take...
Financial advisor headshot - 5 financial mistakes business owners make
February 28, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

5 Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make

Too many business owners are making financial mistakes that are easy to fix. These common mistakes end up costing them thousands of dollars in the long run when they could’ve...
How to Start Retirement Planning: Everything You Need to Know
January 3, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

How to Start Retirement Planning: Everything You Need to Know

Even if it’s decades away, there’s no better time than now to start planning for your retirement. Perhaps you already know it’s important to take control of your future in...
Why Hire a Financial Planner? For More Time to do the Things You Love!
December 13, 2021 
Jacky Ip

Free Up Your Time to do the Things You Love by Teaming Up with a Financial Planner

Why hire a financial planner? At first thought, your answer might be “to help me plan my finances.”. While that’s certainly an important part of what a financial planner can...
Advisor headshot financial planning for business owners
November 9, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Financial Planning for Business Owners: How it Leads to Your Success

Financial planning is beneficial for anyone and everyone. But when it comes to financial planning for business owners, those benefits grow exponentially. Considering the complexities of incorporated individuals’ finances, having...