Blog thumbnail on how to financially prepare for a baby. financial advisor sitting at chair on the computer while smiling.
May 24, 2023 
Jacky Ip

How to Financially Prepare for a Baby in Canada

Stepping into parenthood is a joyful experience, but things can also get scary if you don’t feel financially prepared for a baby. From daycare, diapers, college funds, and writing a...
Blog thumbnail with financial advisor holding a folder and sharing information with a woman sitting across from him. How to manage your expenses during high inflation
May 12, 2023 
Jay Gangnes

How to Manage Your Expenses During Inflation

Are the effects of inflation slowly creeping up on you? Perhaps your grocery bills are up $300 a month, and your trip to Hawaii was almost double the cost of...
blog thumbnail with financial advisor sitting on a chair and holding a folder, smiling. The Difference Between an Operating Company, Holding Company, and Family Trust
May 3, 2023 
Dave Loncaric

The Difference Between an Operating Company, Holding Company, and Family Trust

As a business owner, you can structure your business using an operating company, holding company, and family trust. However, many are unaware of each entity’s different roles and how they...
Blog thumbnail on how to survive a recession in 2023. financial advisor sitting at chair on the computer while smiling.
April 17, 2023 
Jacky Ip

How to Survive a Recession in 2023

Recessions are scary, but what happens during a recession, and how can you prepare your business and yourself? Here are actions you can take to survive a recession and, more...
Blog thumbnail with advisor head shot - why free financial advice can cost you more money
January 30, 2023 
Jacky Ip

Why Free Financial Advice Can Cost You More Money

Since financial advice in Canada has traditionally been free, you may not be familiar with paying for a financial planner.  The problem with free advice is that it’s given in...
Advisor headshot for Blog Thumbnail: 4 ways to invest the extra cash in your corporation. a blog to solve your problem of having excess cash in and investing it to turn it into a profit
January 13, 2023 
Dave Loncaric

4 Ways to Invest The Extra Cash In Your Corporation

A common problem clients come to us with is not knowing what to do with the extra cash sitting in their corporation.  Although having extra cash built up inside your...
Blog thumbnail with advisor headshot - why holistic financial planning works best with growth-minded entrepreneurs
October 17, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Why Holistic Financial Planning Works Best With Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

If you want a financial plan that will transform your lifestyle and get you closer to achieving those big audacious goals, you need to start with the right mindset. Growth-minded...
Blog thumbnail with advisor headshot - how to properly incorporate a business from day 1
October 3, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

How to Properly Incorporate a Business From Day One

We see many professionals and business owners wanting to grow and build their businesses. They know incorporating is a goal of theirs, but they often feel lost when it comes...
Blog thumbnail advisor headshot - why you need a financial planner as a business owner
September 19, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Why You Need a Financial Planner as a Business Owner

Financial planning is beneficial for everyone, but for business owners, the benefits grow drastically. Since your financial situation is much more complex, you can’t find the answers to your questions...