Advisor headshot - the capital dividend account explained for Canadian business owners
June 20, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

The Capital Dividend Account Explained for Canadian Business Owners

The Capital Dividend Account is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can use, but very few are using it.  This secret notional account could save you millions...
Advisor headshot - tfsa for business owners: why you shouldn't use a TFSA
March 28, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

Why Business Owners Should Not Use a TFSA

Too many successful business owners are pulling money out of their corporation to invest in a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). A TFSA provides the opportunity to grow your money tax-free....
Advisor headshot how to deal with a market correction
March 1, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

How to Deal With a Market Correction

If you’ve been following recent headlines, you’re likely aware that markets are experiencing a significant correction. Corrections happen when the market sees a decline of 10% or greater. While there...
Blog thumbnail of financial advisor's head shot - 3 ways to maximize the return on investment property
February 14, 2022 
Jacky Ip

3 Ways to Maximize the Returns on Your Investment Property

Most successful business owners we work with want to have an investment property in their portfolio, especially when Canada’s real estate market is so hot right now.  But without a...
12 Investment Planning FAQs Every Business Owner Needs to Read
November 22, 2021 
Jay Gangnes

12 Investment Planning FAQs Every Business Owner Needs to Read

We hear from many business owners and entrepreneurs that they’re so caught up in the day-to-day operations of their business that things like investment planning fall by the wayside. They...
5 Ways To Use Your Corporation To Invest And Save Taxes
March 22, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

5 Corporate Investing Strategies to Save Taxes

We all want to save money wherever we can, right? The good news is there are a lot of corporate investing strategies that can save you thousands in taxes. Too...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail why business owners should not use RSPs for retirement
January 27, 2021 
Dave Loncaric

Why Business Owners Should Not Use RSPs for Retirement

Retirement Savings Plans (RSPs) are designed to defer taxes to a later date. But who is to say you’ll be making less income at 60 than you are now? As a business...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail
October 19, 2020 
Dave Loncaric

When To Pay Off Debt And When To Invest

One of the most common questions we get from our clients who are incorporated professionals and have corporate investment accounts is when to invest their corporate earnings and when to...
Ocean 6 Blog Thumbnail
September 2, 2020 
Jacky Ip

Growing An Investment Portfolio Inside Of Your Corporation

If you’ve built a successful and profitable business, congratulations! As you accumulate profits inside of your business, you’re probably asking yourself how you can best utilize that money.  Instead of...