Financial advisor sitting down and smiling while holding a folder. A blog about ways to invest and save tax using your corporation
September 5, 2023 
Dave Loncaric

How to Invest and Save Tax Using Your Corporation

Too many business owners are not properly using their corporations to invest and save tax. The good news is, it’s never too late to start. If you want to get...
Financial advisor sitting down and smiling while holding a folder. A blog about How To Pay Yourself If You’re Incorporated = salary vs. dividends
June 12, 2023 
Dave Loncaric

Salary vs. Dividends: How to Pay Yourself

Which is suitable for you—salary or dividends?  Being incorporated offers countless tax-saving benefits. One of which is the flexibility to decide how you want to pay yourself.  You can take...
Blog thumbnail with financial advisor holding a folder and sharing information with a woman sitting across from him. How business owners can pay less tax in Canada
March 30, 2023 
Jay Gangnes

How Business Owners Can Pay Less Tax in Canada

Stop throwing your hard-earned money away on taxes. Here are five tips to help reduce your corporate tax bill and pay less tax as a business owner in Canada. 5...
Blog thumbnail - the passive income tax rule explained. financial advisor sitting on a chair and holding a folder, smiling.
March 16, 2023 
Dave Loncaric

The Passive Income Tax Rule Explained: How to Invest & Save Tax

Are you aware of how Canada’s passive income tax rule affects you as a business owner?  Many business owners are unclear about the confusing nature of the passive income tax...
Blog thumbnail advisor headshot - why you need a financial planner as a business owner
September 19, 2022 
Jacky Ip

Why You Need a Financial Planner as a Business Owner

Financial planning is beneficial for everyone, but for business owners, the benefits grow drastically. Since your financial situation is much more complex, you can’t find the answers to your questions...
advisor headshot for blog thumbnail - 3 ways to save tax on passive income in Canada
September 6, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

3 Ways to Save on Passive Income Tax in Canada 

Passive income is a smart way to build wealth without overworking yourself. But you won’t get the full benefit of a steady stream of passive income if you’re giving too...
Advisor headshot - tfsa for business owners: why you shouldn't use a TFSA
March 28, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

Why Business Owners Should Not Use a TFSA

Too many successful business owners are pulling money out of their corporation to invest in a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). A TFSA provides the opportunity to grow your money tax-free....
Advisor headshot holding company in canada
March 14, 2022 
Dave Loncaric

Holding Company in Canada: Is It Worth Setting One Up?

Adding a holding company to the corporate structure is a popular strategy for large businesses, but smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can also benefit from having a holding company. Let’s take...
Your Guide to Tax Planning
January 17, 2022 
Jay Gangnes

Your Guide to Tax Planning

There is a lot of room for improvement for business owners when it comes to being more tax efficient. In this post, we’ll be covering several important tax planning topics...