Welcome to A New World of Wealth

Community Guidelines

Welcome to your community

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, there are not many people who will understand the unique challenges you face.

A New World of Wealth is a community to help you expedite your journey to financial freedom through connection, accountability, and innovative advice.

It’s a simple way to connect with the Ocean 6 team and like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment.

Community Practices

We are growth-minded

As entrepreneurs we foster innovative ways of working. We are continuously evolving and improving.

We are accountable

We support each other by celebrating success and motivating each other to meet our goals.

We are empowered

Alone we do little together ,we go far. As a group of successful business owners each person has something to contribute.

We are open and respectful

We have a strong sense of community defined by leadership, trust and transparency.

We are curious

We value each others opinion and are open-minded about different people’s point of view.

We are mindful of jargon

We use inclusive language that is accessible regardless of background knowledge and experience.

Community Guidelines

We know you will be respectful but if we feel any of the guidelines are not being followed we will ask members to leave.

Be kind

We welcome your opinions as long as they are not insulting, defamatory or misleading.

Be open-minded

We ask you to be respectful of people who have differing opinions to you.

Be transparent

We ask that you don’t use this community to promote or sell outside products or services.

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