Why Life Insurance Is The Most Efficient Financial Planning Tool

Life insurance is so often misunderstood.

We meet clients who love life insurance and ones who don’t want to talk about it at all.

But there’s a reason why people invest in life insurance for years. It happens to be one of the most efficient and versatile planning tools in the financial landscape.

At a basic level, insurance is used to cover debt and provide income replacement for your dependents when you are no longer around.

Imagine yourself as a money-making machine that’s printing money every week.

If the machine stopped working would that affect your family? Would you want to make sure that machine is protected?

At a more advanced level, especially for our clients who are incorporated, life insurance provides lots of efficient ways to pay less tax over your lifetime.

To find out if this makes sense for you, in our customized Blueprint planning process we take a deep dive into how you’re going to reach your goals and what tools will get you there faster. Whether it is needed to mitigate risk, plan your estate, or use in an efficient tax-planning strategy, we will guide you through the complex world of effective insurance planning.

For the people who rely on you and your income, do take the time to reflect on your needs. Life insurance could make a big difference.

If you want to find out the clever ways life insurance can help you protect your lifestyle and beat CRA all at the same time, book a call, we’d love to run you through our full financial Blueprint process.

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