When To Hire a Financial Planner

If you were to ask me ‘when is the best time to hire a financial planner?’ the question I’d ask back is ‘when do you want to start living your best life?’.

We get it, as a business owner you probably think there is no need for a financial planner until you have built up some retained earnings.

Well, that’s simply not true.

The best time to hire a financial planner is now

It doesn’t matter which stage you’re at in growing your business, a great financial planner can help you reach your goals. They’ll help identify what your future self looks like and where you’re trying to go. Only when you get clarity on what your dream life looks like can you decide how you’re going to get there.

Take this example. Have you ever tried a fitness program or diet for two weeks only to give up at the end? It’s not because the plan itself wasn’t proven to work. It’s because the plan wasn’t personalized to the outcome that you were looking for. That’s why you gave up, it was unmotivating and so you didn’t want to continue.

A financial plan should be just like that, customized to your lifestyle and set up to work towards your most ambitious goals. My goals and your goals are very different and so will be our financial plans. You can’t ask everyone to follow the same journey.

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If you feel stuck, unclear about where you’re going, and like you should be further ahead, I encourage you to take the first step of action today. Start writing down some of your key goals. Look at them to see if they fit into where you’re heading in your financial journey.

The first step of the Blueprint financial planning process is to help you get clear on your future self. When you have complete clarity about where you’re trying to go, you’ll know every day if you’re getting closer. That’s going to motivate you to keep working harder!

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and not knowing where you’re headed, book a call, we’d be love to run you through our full financial Blueprint process.

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