The People You Need on Your Financial Team

If you’re a successful business owner with a growing business, you need key people in your life to make sure you are making the most of your wealth. These people will keep you on the right path to financial freedom.

It starts with you. The CEO of your life, you make the decisions based on meaningful advice from trusted people around you.

And if you’re the CEO then your financial advisor is the CFO. An experienced expert to oversee all things financial.

Your financial advisor’s job is to always be there for you as a sounding board. They provide open and honest advice to help you explore all the financial options available to you. This can be from buying a new home to investment options to clever tax management.

With your financial advisor as your quarterback, there are other players who can help facilitate an effective financial plan.

A money manager will know the right investments to choose from. They can build a portfolio that suits you.

An insurance specialist will provide helpful advice on what is the best policy structure for you.

These specialists are experts in their field but their advice always needs to be considered in the context of your wider financial situation. You’ll never get the full picture if it’s not going to end up with you buying their products or investing your money.

It’s the same for accountants, private bankers, and mortgage brokers. All necessary people to have on your team but be aware they might not be the financial planner that you’re looking for to think about the bigger picture.

If you need a dedicated financial planner to build you an effective financial team, book a call, we’d be love to help.

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