Free Up Your Time to do the Things You Love by Teaming Up with a Financial Planner

Why hire a financial planner? At first thought, your answer might be “to help me plan my finances.”. While that’s certainly an important part of what a financial planner can do for you, it goes far beyond that. Hiring a financial planner can mean the difference between spending your days doing the things you love or being weighed down by financial worries for the rest of your life.

Why Hire a Financial Planner?

Maybe you don’t feel it’s worth hiring a financial planner unless you have millions of dollars in your bank account. But, when you have a great financial planner on your team, the money in your bank is never the main focus. It’s working together to identify what your desired financial future looks like, along with the clearest path for getting there.

Think of it this way: Have you ever followed a diet or fitness plan you found online, only to give it up after two or three weeks? You didn’t stop because the plan didn’t work. You stopped because it didn’t work for you; it wasn’t tailored to your lifestyle and end goals. If you’ve worked with a financial planner in the past but you didn’t stick with that plan, you probably stopped for the same reason. The plan wasn’t built with your unique goals in mind, and it didn’t feel right for you.

All this means is that you shouldn’t hire just any financial planner. You need to team up with financial planners who will take your priorities and goals into account before customizing a financial plan for you.

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Time is the one resource we cannot create more of. At Ocean 6, we build innovative and impactful financial strategies so you can enjoy your life and allocate time towards the things you love. With the confidence that you are in control of your finances, you’re that much closer to taking that trip you’ve always wanted, retiring when you always hoped to, growing your business, buying that dream vacation home, or spending more time with your family.

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When to Hire a Financial Planner?

When we get asked this question, we like to offer up this answer: “That depends, when do you want to start living your best life?”

As you can guess, the answer is almost always “today!”

The sooner you start working with a financial planner from Ocean 6, the sooner we can get you clear on where you’re trying to go so we can develop a plan for getting you there as quickly as possible.

Other signs it’s time to hire a financial planner include:

  • If you’re starting a business
  • When you’re planning your retirement
  • If your financial situation has undergone significant changes
  • You’re eager to learn more about the financial options available to you
  • You’re interested in learning about minimizing taxes and maximizing your ROI

Are you ready to start creating more freedom in your life to do the things you love? We should talk.

We’re fee-for-service financial advisors at Ocean 6. That means you can guarantee you’re getting unbiased, transparent advice from us, with your best interests in mind. You’ll never have to lose sleep over making a financial decision again.

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