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October 17, 2022 
Jacky Ip

If you want a financial plan that will transform your lifestyle and get you closer to achieving those big audacious goals, you need to start with the right mindset. Growth-minded entrepreneurs are individuals who can best maximize the benefits of holistic financial planning. Here’s how.

Who Are Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs? 

By definition, a growth-minded entrepreneur sees opportunities in everything they do. This is what makes them unique. Their minds are wired to see the problems and find solutions that add value to people’s lives.  

Growth-minded entrepreneurs know they cannot be a jack of all trades. They are specialists in what they do and when it comes to other areas of their lives, they rely on experts to solve their problems. They understand investing in an expert will save time and money in the long run rather than trying to solve every problem themselves.

How Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Holistic Financial Planning

Picture the financial landscape:

When most people think about finance, they immediately think about investing and how to make the biggest rate of return. When you only focus on investing, you’re not leveraging all six areas of your finances to reach your goals faster.

The six areas of your finances include cash flow planning, debt management, insurance planning, investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning. Now, add the complexity of owning a business into this mix. This is precisely why you need a financial planner to help guide you. As a growth-minded entrepreneur, you know your blind spots and understand this is what experts are for. 

On the other hand, entrepreneurs with a fixed mindset are more resistant to change. The concept of innovative, holistic financial planning may feel alien to them. They are more likely to gravitate towards what they know: investments and the rate of returns. 

What most people don’t realize is, before you can even start thinking about investing, you need a holistic plan that looks at every factor of your finances. This is exactly what our financial Blueprint plan offers. Like building a new home, you start with a blueprint—a plan to get all the relevant parties working toward the same objective. 

Most business owners lean to their accountants for financial planning because they already have insight into their day-to-day finances. However, accountants think reactively. They see what you spent for the year and plan how taxes can be minimized from there. They don’t think proactively about the future and how you can optimize different areas of your finances. 

The next person they go to is an investment or insurance advisor who offers free financial advice in hopes of making a commission by selling you products. They will walk away with some financial products and think they have a financial plan to weather the storms. But this leaves a gap; there’s no one looking at the big financial picture beyond taxes, insurance, and investments. 

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There’s no one to guide them through this big financial maze with transparent and unbiased advice. Business owners have the advantage of their finances, down to how much they can pay themselves and how much tax they need to pay, but they don’t know how to optimize their setup most efficiently. This is where holistic financial planner steps in with clarity and organization. 

Holistic financial planners work well with growth-minded entrepreneurs because they are receptive to innovative strategies and thinking outside the box. They will thrive exponentially with a holistic financial plan where every aspect of their finances is built into a personalized plan to bring them closer to their goals.

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If you’re a growth-minded entrepreneur wanting to spend more time enjoying your life and provide a secure financial future for your family, work with a holistic, fee-for-advice financial planner. 

We are experts when it comes to making the most of your corporation. We hear your day-to-day struggles as a business owner and we’ll create innovative strategies with you to overcome them. Book a call today.

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